To ensure a secure and safe gaming environment where you can still enjoy your favourite games, Magic Palace has implemented strict preventive and protective measures. This is what the New Normal looks like:



We are now open 24/7.

Vaccine Passport

To help combat the spread of Covid-19, as of September 1st, guest at Magic Palace and Mirela’s are required to show Proof of Vaccination "Vaccine Passport" prior to entry. Our top priority is, and will always be, the health and safety of our Staff and our Valued Guests. A heartfelt thank you to all of our Personnel and Valued Guests for your understanding and support at this time.

Pre-Entry Screening

All guests and employees of Magic palace will be required to answer a brief questionnaire to indicate if they have one of the following symptoms: cough, fever/chills, difficulty breathing, sudden lack of taste or smell without nasal congestion, new onset headache, new onset pain (muscular, chest, abdomen, joints), new intense fatigue, new severe loss in appetite, sore throat, diarrhea.

Gaming Area

To remain within local guidelines the gaming area will be separated into different zones with each zone not exceeding the maximum capacity of 50 guests. These Zones will be added to every week as per local guidelines until maximum capacity is reached.

Entrance / Exit

Magic Palace will have one single entry point and an one single exit point for all our guests and employees.

Gaming Machines

The gaming machines have been equipped with impermeable barriers (plexiglass) to ensure and comply with social distancing requirements. All Electronic Gaming Devices (EGDs) have been equipped with sanitizer that you will be able to access without the need to move from your sitting position.

Priority Access / RSVP

A RSVP platform has added to our website. Through this platform you will be able to book priority access to one of the zones at Magic Palace. Click here to RSVP >>


The gaming area (including but not limited to) gaming machines, barriers, railings, bathrooms, doors, ATMs, and railings will be sanitized frequently. During peak hours, additional members will be added to the sanitization team in order to increase the frequency of disinfection.


From our, entrance you will notice signage placed throughout the gaming area to remind you to handwash frequently, sanitize and keep your physical distance in while queuing/in lineups.

Arrows have been placed to create a unidirectional movement throughout the floor. Keep to the right and you will be able to properly access the entire gaming area at Magic Palace.


Everyone entering Magic Palace is required to have a mask. If you do not have one with you, you will be provided one by one of our staff members.

Food and Beverage service

Complimentary drink service will still be available but will be limited to non-alcoholic beverages as per local regulations. Food will not be allowed on the gaming floor.

Valet Service & Coat check

Valet Service and Coat Check will be suspended in order to limit unnecessary contact.


Smoking will not be permitted inside the gaming facility.

Poker Room

The Poker Room will be temporarily closed.


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